furniture glides for hardwood floors

Furniture Glides For Hardwood Floors – Shepherd 9454 Teflon Base Glides (4-Pack) – Hardwood floors installation in home

Furniture Glides For Hardwood Floors


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furniture glides for hardwood floors – Shepherd 9454

Shepherd 9454 Teflon Base Glides (4-Pack)
Shepherd 9454  Teflon Base Glides (4-Pack)
Shepherd Hardware 9454 Teflon; Base GlidesShepherd Hardware 9454 Teflon; Base Glides Features:; Teflon; based glides designed for use on non-abrasive floor surfaces such as low pile carpet, vinyl, and hardwood; Allows furniture to move smoothly over floors; For use on heavy appliances and furniture such as couches, desks, beds, etc.; 9452: 1″, self adhesive; 9455: 1-1/2″, with screws; 9453: 2″, self adhesive; 9454: 2-1/2″, self adhesive

75% (>12)

Hardwood floors installation in home

Hardwood floors installation in home
Hardwood floors installation in home

Wood Floor Refinishing | Hardwood Flooring | Kennesaw GA 770-317-2182

Wood Floor Refinishing | Hardwood Flooring | Kennesaw GA 770-317-2182
Refinish hardwood floors to original shine. Sanding, refinishing, buffing, seal and coat to protect your wood floors from scrtaches, pets, stains. owner does the work. 770-516-2143. Kennesaw, Marietta, Cobb county, Atlanta area. Joe Iannelli

furniture glides for hardwood floors

Pro Glides 1 1/8" Dark Brown (4 pc. nail set) Replacement Furniture Glides
Pro-GlidesTM are a three component system consisting of a mounting base, retaining collar and replaceable felt assembly. The base of the glide is designed to be permanently installed in a furniture leg and never have to be pulled-out again. As the felt portion of the glide wears the consumer simply unscrews the retaining collar and pops-in a new felt assembly. No hassle, no prying, no hammering, no damage to furniture; Simply use your fingers and seconds of your time and avoid scratches to your flooring surface.